Pepper's Inspiration

Alexandria "Pepper" Van Neste
Taken by the Disco Aliens


My Inspiration? Um… I could probably write a novel on all that inspires me, yet to sum a few things up:

Japanese anime and manga heavily influenced my style. Ever since I was little I’ve loved manga and I wished to be able to draw as well. I love all things fantasy and am in awe at the amazing immersive worlds anime and video games create, I wanted to create my own magical world with faeries, elves, goblins and so much more. A world people would grow fond of and talk about, draw and fantasize of. 

Some people put so much dedication into the fandoms they love, creating art, stories, cosplay. Maybe it is a bit grandiose; but I would adore if my stories could become so well known, for people to continue giving my characters life when one day I cannot.

I love the characters I’ve created dearly, like a mother would her children. Their stories just slowly come to me over time, just like meeting a new person and learning of their lives and interests. They bring me so much happiness, I hope others will find joy and interest in them as well.

I want to create a large and detailed magical world, one that’s just as easy to get lost in as the real world. I hope some may find it as an escape from hectic reality into a land where chatting with goblins and riding dragons is possible.

I like to paint and draw my characters or create landscapes from my dreams, sometimes music will spark a strong emotion or a sort of ‘vision’ and I’ll paint that as well. I adore watercolor and enjoy the soft look of it, but I do very much like graphite and charcoal (and colored pencils for doodle) as well.